Happy New Year to our learning community.
Mrs Lilico has returned from her maternity leave and kicked off the New Year Assembly with a ‘Stephenson Contract of Resolutions’ to make our school the best it has ever been, in 2013. The contract included challenges like : becoming excellent at our times tables, making sure we are smart learners, meeting our targets at a faster rate, and the list goes on.
The teachers have a very different challenge for 2013 – they have all been given iPads as teaching tools. We have seen the impact of using iPads through our iPad@MyPad pilot (every child in year five has their own iPad) and the rest of the staff have been itching to have a go. So 2013 will see a technological breakthrough for North Tyneside, with all teachers using iPads to project through their interactive whiteboards, as well as a whole host of other ways, in order to develop exciting teaching and learning. We now have 6 iPad minis in EYFS and a set of 15 iPads to use throughout the school. This compliments the two class sets of netbooks we already have, which all connect wirelessly to the school network.

On top of this the teachers are experimenting with the social networking world of ‘Twitter’ and have been tweeting away.

  • School Life 100%
  • Admissions 99%
  • Achievements 100%
  • Enrichment 100%
  • Outdoor Activities 100%

Our School

  • Stephenson Memorial Primary School was built in 1998 and further extended in 2000 to accommodate a two form entry from Nursery to Year Six. It is a modern, well resourced school, and the building comprises of:
  • 15 generously appointed classrooms
  • fully wifi access and networked wireless ICT devices for pupil use
  • a new library
  • two large halls/gymnasium
  • spacious grounds
  • outdoor areas are constantly being developed to create stimulating learning experiences throughout the school
  • Early Years and Foundation Stage have a self–contained outdoor classroom, where children access a variety of real life experiences including tending to our chickens and guinea pigs.
  • One to one iPad deployment over keystage 2
Shared Aims of the School

At Stephenson Memorial we provide an education promoting the academic, physical, spiritual and social development of each child. We do this through a stimulating environment and a broad, balanced and enriched curriculum with a focus on the whole child. Each individual has the potential to succeed and achievements will be celebrated.